Meet Rosine

Passionate about working with the community and naturally entrepreneurial, Rosine uses empathy to generate practical solutions to the challenges faced by those she works with. Her interactions with farmers while working as a sales officer for a solar lighting company in her second year at SNHU/Kepler inspired her to create a new automated irrigation solution. The solution, which won her the title of Miss Geek Rwanda 2016, uses sensors to collect data regarding soil moisture levels and sends advice to individual farmers to help them optimize water usage— saving scarce water, energy, time and money.

Rosine says what she values most about Kepler is that “Kepler does not limit anyone. It teaches you to have a positive attitude, to prioritize, to manage your time, to network, and forge partnerships, and to make decisions based on clear criteria and impact.”

Since winning the Miss Geek competition, Rosine has established a small team to help her develop her business while balancing her studies and a desire to graduate in 2018. She has been selected as a #Insiders4Good Microsoft East Africa Fellow, which recognizes entrepreneurs and leaders developing visionary solutions to challenges in their communities. Optimistic and excited about the future, she says, “I believe that Kepler prepared me to become a successful entrepreneur.”