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Join SNHU GEM in Celebrating World Refugee Day

GEM students will share their reflections on the holiday during a roundtable with SNHU President Paul LeBlanc.

Student Spotlight: SNHU GEM’s Class of 2021 Graduates

Alnarjes Harba shares how GEM has helped prepare her for the international job market.

Student Spotlight: Celebrating SNHU GEM’s Spring Graduates

Mary Nyaluak reflects on how education can help students “push beyond their current limits.”

COVID-19 Challenge Empowers Students to Become Community Change Agents

GEM students develop community initiatives to tackle business and health care challenges

Celebrating the International Day of Families

SNHU GEM students share their experience taking care of their families while pursuing higher education.

Homes Away from Home: Virtual Visits to GEM sites in Kenya and Lebanon

SNHU GEM learners Mohamed and Nour share what daily life is like in Tripoli and Kakuma.