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Lessons Learned: How COVID-19 Has Impacted GEM Students

SNHU’s Data Insight team’s research across GEM sites helps understand the impact of the pandemic on students

Q&A with GEM Employer Partner InfiniteUp

SNHU GEM employer partner, Barrett Nash of InfiniteUp, how students can leverage experience with no-code and low-code technology to create employment opportunities.

Video: GEM Students Bring Art to Cape Town’s Langa Township

Through a partnership with IKhaya Le Langa, SNHU GEM students grow their leadership while supporting local arts community.

Student Spotlight: How Prince Lokendo’s Interests and Internships Shaped His Career Path

Using his SNHU GEM degree, internship experiences, and support from GEM partner JWL, Prince Lokendo was able to turn his passion for helping others into a career.

Celebrating SNHU GEM Graduates in Malawi

GEM’s Dzaleka class of 2021 came together to celebrate Summer graduates

Preparing for the Future: SNHU GEM’s Employment Support

Preparing for the Future: SNHU GEM’s Employment Support