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Connected Learning in Crisis: How SNHU GEM Makes a Difference in Refugee Learners’ Lives

The CLCC 2022 Yearbook captures a year of learnings and partnership in refugee higher education.

SNHU GEM Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

Agnes Burume, a Project Manager at SNHU GEM, discusses the experiences of women refugees in higher education.

“Sprinter” Students: How SNHU GEM’s Flexible Model Helps Students to Thrive

Six recent graduates share how competency-based education enables them to set their own pace – and forge their own path.

SNHU GEM and HEaRT: Creating Pathway to Careers in Care for Refugee Learners

Through the HEaRT model, SNHU GEM students intern with nursing and healthcare employers to gain hands-on experience.

Looking to 2023: Rachael Sears Shares Plans for SNHU GEM’s Year Ahead

Rachael Sears, SNHU VP and SNHU GEM ED, looks ahead to another exciting year in refugee education.

Beyond basic needs: How SNHU GEM students challenge narratives about refugee futures

SNHU GEM students and alumni discuss what refugees need to pursue education, livelihoods, and community engagement.