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GEM’s COVID-19 podcast shares student stories in real time

From the outset of the pandemic, we’ve been thinking about ways to share the powerful experiences of our students as they pursue their education from refugee camps or dense urban centers during a global public health crisis.

Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Malawi’s Refugee Community

First-of-its-kind coding center opens in Dzaleka refugee camp.

How SNHU’s GEM Works for Learners

A model that lets students drive their education—and overcome barriers to higher education.

How SNHU GEM’s model can help transform higher education for students across the globe

By putting student needs and experiences at the center, higher education is possible for refugees and other displaced learners.

Student spotlight: GEM celebrates International Women’s Day with Student Reflections

Working toward her degree in Communications, Rita helps support her community through mindfulness, literacy, and health education.

GEM Students Reflect on Pursuing Education in a Global Pandemic

This year’s SNHU GEM Annual Impact Report focuses on what it’s like for our refugee students to pursue their education in a global pandemic.