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SNHU GEM Students Call on Universities to Do More to Expand Higher Education Access for Refugees

To reach the UNHCR target of enrolling 15 percent of refugees in higher education by 2030, SNHU GEM students called on universities, international organizations and governments to work with refugees to provide more opportunities for refugees to enroll in higher education by taking into account the complex circumstances of displaced learners.

World Refugee Day 2023: SNHU GEM Students Exemplify “Hope Away from Home”

SNHU Vice President and GEM Executive Director Rachael Sears reflects on World Refugee Day and how to make “hope away from home” a reality for all refugees.

SNHU GEM Partner Spotlight: Jesuit Refugee Service in Kenya

A shared commitment to serving refugee learners is the basis for a thriving partnership between SNHU GEM and JRS Kenya.

Connected Learning in Crisis: How SNHU GEM Makes a Difference in Refugee Learners’ Lives

The CLCC 2022 Yearbook captures a year of learnings and partnership in refugee higher education.

SNHU GEM Celebrates International Women’s Day 2023

Agnes Burume, a Project Manager at SNHU GEM, discusses the experiences of women refugees in higher education.

“Sprinter” Students: How SNHU GEM’s Flexible Model Helps Students to Thrive

Six recent graduates share how competency-based education enables them to set their own pace – and forge their own path.