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Video: SNHU GEM graduates reflect on the transformative power of education for refugees

In a new video, SNHU GEM graduates and staff explain how the program equips refugee students for post-graduate success.

Fishing in the Desert project works to end malnutrition and hunger in Kakuma Refugee Camp

The project won support from the UN World Food Programme for its sustainable approach to fighting hunger.

SNHU GEM Celebrates the newest class of graduates from Cape Town, South Africa

SNHU GEM and its partner, the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town joined together to celebrate the graduating classes of 2021 and 2022.

“Education is the key”: SNHU GEM students celebrate World Refugee Day at roundtable event

Agnes, Jackson, Alnarjes, Glory, and Julvie joined SNHU President Paul LeBlanc to discuss their experiences as refugee learners.

SNHU GEM Student Profile: Julvie Mumangi

Meet Julvie: The SNHU GEM student and Congolese refugee with a passion for public health. Julvie joined SNHU GEM students from around the world at a World Refugee Day panel on Thursday, June 23.

SNHU GEM Welcomes Rachael Sears as its New Vice President, Executive Director of the Global Education Movement

Rachael is a founding SNHU GEM team member and previously served as the program’s Vice President of Academic Operations and Chief Sustainability Officer.