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“This degree has changed my life”: Interview with SNHU GEM graduate Rose Bampende Maskini

SNHU GEM graduate, Rose, shares her experience pursuing a degree as a refugee and mother of four in Cape Town, South Africa.

“Partnership is at the heart of our program”: Rachael Sears reflects on collaboration and mentorship at SNHU GEM

SNHU Vice President and Global Education Movement Executive Director, Rachael Sears, reflects on her recent participation at the Times Higher Education and Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium conferences.

More than a job: Academic reviewers help SNHU GEM fulfill its mission

Academic reviewers working for the GEM Hub are passionate about transforming student’s lives.

Creating Pathways to Meaningful Employment for Refugee Students

A new report from the Center for Global Development underscores the importance of strong education-to-workforce pathways for refugees.

55 SNHU GEM Students in Lebanon Celebrate Graduation

SNHU GEM joined Lebanon-based partner Multi-Aid Programs to celebrate the Class of 2022 graduates.

Dr. Adrian Haugabrook Addresses the SNHU GEM Rwanda Class of 2022

“The degree you earned now allows you to build and join a network of nearly 200,000 other SNHU alumni around the world who are also trying to transform lives.”