SNHU GEM Student Profile: Julvie Mumangi

SNHU GEM student headshot Julvie Mumangi

Meet Julvie: The SNHU GEM student and Congolese refugee with a passion for public health. Julvie joined SNHU GEM students from around the world at a World Refugee Day panel on Thursday, June 23.

SNHU GEM student headshot Julvie MumangiJulvie Mumangi is an SNHU GEM student and Congolese refugee now living in Cape Town, South Africa. Accompanied by her younger sister, Julvie left the Democratic Republic of the Congo at age 7 to join their parents in South Africa. Her refugee status prevented Julvie from attending local universities in South Africa.

“After I finished high school, it became so difficult to achieve my dreams. This program has lifted and pushed me to go so much further. SNHU GEM was a guiding light,” she said. In 2020, Julvie enrolled at the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town, an SNHU GEM in-country partner organization, to pursue her bachelor’s degree in healthcare management. Her anticipated graduation date is December 2022.

While studying toward her degree, Julvie participated in SNHU’s Higher Education and Real-World Training (HEaRT) program, which matches students with internships in the nursing and healthcare professions. Julvie undertook a three month internship that allowed her to apply the skills gained in her classes while gaining real-world experience solving problems in the healthcare sector. After completing her bachelor’s, Julvie plans to continue her studies with a master’s degree in public health.

Julvie enjoys volunteering her time at the Scalabrini Centre. She worked as a Professional Development Assistant at the Centre, where she led professional development coaching sessions for refugees and vulnerable South Africans. She continued her work as a Teaching Assistant, leading modules on professional self-image, CV and cover letter writing, and more.

Julvie sees World Refugee Day as “an opportunity to simply celebrate and honor the strength and courage of refugees. This day shines light on the human rights, basic needs, and not-forgotten dreams of a refugee. They are people and they need to be acknowledged, celebrated, and used as a learning guide.”

Julvie and other SNHU GEM students shared about their experiences navigating higher education as refugee learners during our World Refugee Day roundtable event, hosted by SNHU President Paul LeBlanc on Thursday, June 23.