SNHU GEM and HEaRT partnership prepares students for careers in healthcare

Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement (SNHU GEM) is committed to the success of refugee learners, equipping students with the high-demand skills and credentials that lead to meaningful work and purposeful lives. As part of this work, SNHU GEM partnered with SNHU’s nursing and health professions to use their Higher Education and Real-World Training (HEaRT) experiential learning model to match our students with internships in the nursing and healthcare professions.

The SNHU HEaRT model equips GEM learners with valuable real-world experience in the nursing and health professions field.

Since its inception in 2018, HEaRT has connected 15 employer partners with over 1,039 learners around the world including 404 GEM learners. The award-winning Higher Education and Real-World Training model (HEaRT) model challenges learners to solve current workforce issues while learning needed workforce skills to support the health profession.

“HEaRThelps a student gain experience with companies’ real world problems and how they solve those problems. It gives the intern the opportunity to work in a team with international students, which is a valuable experience for future career development.” – SNHU GEM student

For SNHU GEM learners, the HEaRT model fulfills an important need providing refugee students with access to career-building opportunities from wherever they are in the world. From camps in Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, and Lebanon, GEM students who were previously limited by their location can work together in online and asynchronous environments.

“I liked how collaborative my SNHU HEaRT team was, and how we managed to work while we were far from each other. It has shown me that everything is possible with a plan.” – SNHU GEM student

You can learn more about the HEaRT model and the SNHU GEM partnership from their just-released 2021 HEaRT Annual Report.