Connected Learning in Crisis: How SNHU GEM Makes a Difference in Refugee Learners’ Lives

Students in classroom during orientation session

The CLCC 2022 Yearbook captures a year of learnings and partnership in refugee higher education.

As a member of the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium (CLCC), SNHU GEM works to create a world where every refugee and displaced person has access to high-quality, affordable higher education, pathways to dignified employment, and the opportunity to become leaders in their communities and beyond. 

The UNHCR Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium promotes, coordinates, and supports quality higher education in contexts of conflict, crisis, and displacement through connected learning. Each year, the CLCC produces a digital yearbook full of stories, case studies, and testimonials from its 33 member organizations. In the 2022 CLCC Yearbook, SNHU GEM recounts serving over 2,600 learners and celebrating this year’s 250 graduates with our in-country partners this year.  

SNHU GEM partners with in-country organizations – among them, CLCC members Jesuit Refugee Service, Kepler, the Lebanese Association for Scientific Research, and the Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town – to reach refugees where they are with flexible, competency-based education and wraparound support services. More than 85% of SNHU GEM graduates report finding meaningful employment within 6 months of graduation, improving their own lives and ultimately strengthening their communities.

“SNHU’s Global Education Movement believes higher education can expand opportunities for refugees, their families, and their communities. SNHU GEM remains committed to co-creating new programs with refugees, supporting leadership development among refugees, and working with refugee-led organizations.”

SNHU GEM is working to create a world where refugees have the knowledge, credentials, and leadership skills to pursue brighter, more secure lives. In just one example captured in the 2022 CLCC Yearbook, SNHU GEM student and Congolese refugee Glory (Lukambo) Luundo worked with others from Kakuma refugee camp to establish tilapia and catfish ponds and fight malnutrition in the community. The Fishing in the Desert project won the United Nations NextGen East African Innovators Programme award for its innovative and student-led approach to food challenges in the refugee community. Lukambo credits his SNHU GEM education for providing him with the leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills to help start and grow this project.

The mission of the CLCC has never been more crucial. As our partners have noted, the number of refugees around the world – including those in protracted crises – continues to grow, while resources for higher education remain limited. SNHU GEM believes that higher education can expand opportunities not just for refugees, but for their families and surrounding communities.

Read more about SNHU GEM and the Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium in the 2022 CLCC Yearbook.