More than a job: Academic reviewers help SNHU GEM fulfill its mission

GEM academic reviewer working on laptop

Academic reviewers working for the GEM Hub are passionate about transforming student’s lives.

In 2018, Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement (SNHU GEM) launched the GEM Hub to provide academic assessments, student support, curriculum design and IT support. The GEM Hub operates from Rwanda and South Africa, and helps the program provide high-quality education services and support to our refugee learners. 

The GEM Hub employs world class faculty and academic reviewers, including some of our own SNHU GEM graduates. But for the GEM Hub academic reviewers, their work is so much more than grading papers or a tutoring job. Pacifique Uwimana, a GEM Hub academic reviewer reflected, “I get a chance to fulfill my passion of transforming the  lives of students. And it’s an opportunity to interact with diverse students because we have students from various cultures.”

The GEM Hub is part of SNHU GEM’s sustainability and scalability model, and our academic reviewers are a central part of SNHU GEM’s work to provide U.S.-accredited degrees to refugees and equip them with practical, hands-on experience, skills and credentials that can open pathways to dignified, meaningful employment. 

Francis Karake, a GEM Hub academic reviewer said, “As a person who has this huge passion for education, I’ve always wanted to be an educator. Joining GEM Hub was a dream come true.” We’re honored to have helped Francis realize his dream, and incredibly proud of the work he and all our GEM Hub staff do to help so many others turn their dreams into reality.