Celebrating SNHU GEM’s Women in STEM

To mark the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, SNHU GEM grads pursuing medical degrees reflect on the power of education.

As we celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science this week, Southern New Hampshire’s Global Education Movement (SNHU GEM) is reaffirming its commitment to gender equity in and across higher education.

To mark the day, we wanted to share the latest from two SNHU GEM graduates: Nour Maaz and Alnarjes Harba. Since graduating from SNHU GEM in Lebanon with bachelor’s degrees in healthcare management, they have journeyed together to Turkey and are pursuing their dreams to continue their education and attend medical school. As refugee learners from Syria and women in STEM, they are keenly aware of higher education’s importance for women and girls.

Nour explained how pursuing her education through SNHU GEM transformed her worldview. “I started to question the rules that the community put on us as girls and women. I wanted to prove that girls can be leaders, can be entrepreneurs. [They] can be strong, independent, and make their own decisions.”

Leveraging her internationally-accredited degree and internship experience, Alnarjes has been able to work and support her family. “SNHU GEM changed not only my life, but my family and friends’ lives,” she said.

SNHU GEM provided Nour and Alnarjes with a path forward, enabling them to continue their education despite Lebanese universities not recognizing their Syrian educational credentials. Their intelligence and drive did the rest. Looking back on all she has accomplished, Nour says, “I am here because I believed in myself and in my dreams. Education is the best thing you can do in life.”

SNHU GEM is committed to helping more women like Nour and Alnarjes reach their full potential—and lift their communities up around them as they do it.