Video: GEM Students Bring Art to Cape Town’s Langa Township

Through a partnership with IKhaya Le Langa, SNHU GEM students grow their leadership while supporting local arts community.

Now more than ever, it’s important for communities across the world to come together to support and encourage one another. For SNHU Global Education Movement (SNHU GEM) students Moline Rusere, Nissi Lawi Muyuka and Qascalinne Kassy, the ULTRA (Uplifting Langa Through Reachable Art) Street Art Competition was the right opportunity to engage, uplift and take care of their Cape Town community.

The ULTRA competition happens every two years and is hosted by IKhaya Le Langa, a community-based organization in Langa township, Cape Town. ULTRA brings together artists to transform Langa township through public art, in turn providing jobs and joy to the community.

“I’m hoping that this whole thing lets the artist see themselves as capable, they can do this,” said Qascalinne. “They have got the same skills that people in the city have.”

Moline, Nissi and Qascalinne were first introduced to Ikhaya Le Langa through GEM’s Community Builders partnership with the organization. Ikhaya Le Langa Community Builders is a collaboration between SNHU GEM and our partner Scalabrini where GEM students work on real projects and develop solutions to help Langa residents and the community.

Through their work at Ikhaya Le Langa and this year’s ULTRA competition, our GEM students are able to not only use their degrees but also help their communities and build connections. 

“They do say education is the key and GEM happens to be the key for many students,” Qascalinne said. “Just imagine millions out there with the same opportunity… What will Africa Look like?”

More on how Ikhaya Le Langa has expanded its reach with GEM students in both leadership and internship positions: