Student Spotlight: Celebrating SNHU GEM’s Spring Graduates

Mary Nyaluak reflects on how education can help students “push beyond their current limits.”

This month, SNHU’s Global Education Movement (GEM) celebrated its spring graduating class, which included graduates across GEM’s five countries and 10 sites. 

Among this year’s incredible graduates is Mary Nyaluak, GEM’s first BA graduate from Nairobi, Kenya. With her BA in Business Management, Mary joins the nearly 650 other SNHU GEM BA graduates and the more than 1,200 SNHU GEM AA graduates.

In celebration of the class of 2021 and their amazing accomplishments, we wanted to share reflections from Mary on her GEM experience and her plans for the future. 

How did you first hear about SNHU GEM? 

I heard about GEM from a post shared by Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in a refugee community group. I had been looking to pursue my tertiary education in business management, so when I read about the opportunity I decided to try it out.

What are some of the lessons or skills you’re taking away from GEM and JRS?

The GEM program has helped me to become a good planner. I have learned the importance of setting a work schedule and sticking to it. During the program I also gained key skills like teamwork, leadership, business management, and program management. GEM has also taught me the importance of independence and to value feedback, especially from other peers or workers.

What are your plans or hopes for the future? How will your GEM degree help you achieve those things?

My greatest goal has always been to become an entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses. My GEM degree helps me apply the skills I have learned in order to start my businesses and also navigate business challenges with ease. 

What advice would you give to other GEM students in the program? 

What I would like to tell other GEM students is that the beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it from you. Therefore, students should push beyond their current limits and overcome academic obstacles to find success in such an awesome program.