Celebrating the International Day of Families

SNHU GEM students share their experience taking care of their families while pursuing higher education.

Last week, SNHU Global Education Movement (GEM) celebrated the International Day of Families, a day that provides an opportunity to celebrate our GEM students who are raising families and promote awareness of the additional challenges refugee families face.

Did you know? Many of our SNHU GEM students are pursuing their education while raising families. In Kenya, nearly 70% of our Kakuma learners have children. In Lebanon, nearly 50% of our Tripoli learners have children.

It is no secret that the past year changed daily life for families around the world. With schools, offices, and businesses being closed or with restricted access, many GEM students with families have had to juggle childcare and the needs of their families alongside their education.

GEM’s special edition COVID-19 podcast focuses on exactly this reality in “Episode 6: Family and Childcare,” profiling GEM students as they share their experiences as mothers and students during the pandemic.

While each student faced different experiences living in Rwanda, South Africa,  Lebanon, respectively they all echoed the challenges of balancing childcare and schoolwork and the need for community support.

“We’ve been socialized for years, as women, to take this load on without even talking about [the challenges of juggling family and school],” Rahan said. “The pandemic is really going to bring this to the fore.”

As the world continues to navigate the pandemic and plan for life ahead, it is more important than ever to recognize and celebrate our students and their families.

“Don’t be hard on yourselves, you are doing an amazing job,” Ariyan said.