The Keys to Success as a Student

If you are a student, and you want to be successful, you should consider the four following few items on your journey. These will be important to you for your success. 

  • Know your why.”
  • Be consistent.
  • Live your life with integrity.
  • And finally, never misuse any opportunity of connecting and seeking support.

Knowing your “why” is the key to success. It is easy to know what we learn and how we learn, but is more important to know why we really learn. Why do we get up early every morning and spend the whole day at school? Why did we choose this educational path? When you have tangible reasons for pursuing your studies, you always find ways to overcome challenges. Also, you never get tired. You always stick on your goals because you know that the result matters to you. However, we all have different reasons to pursue education. Some just go to schools because they think that is how life is supposed to be, others go there because they need to get knowledge that will help them accomplish something. And others go to school because they want to earn high positions in their career. When the reasons that push you to pursue education are worthy to fight for, no matter what, you will achieve what you need.

Secondly, it is very important to be consistent. Being consistent means being accurate. Never stop doing daily efforts. Even if daily efforts may be really small, they are very contributing to the way toward success. The reason is that success is a journey that needs consistency to be ended. When you are walking, you have a destination and a depart point. So, these footsteps that you continuously make, even if they are small, they are the only key to reach your destination. Life has always been teaching me that the more you work consistently and hard, the more you get luckier. My mother used to tell me that I have always to remember that while I sleep, there are other people outside who are still working and making their own dreams come true. Avoid wasting time because once time is gone, it will never come back. Also if you want to succeed, avoid procrastination. Get everything done at the right time. Once you have done what you need to do at the right time and in a correct way, you will benefit from that, no matter what.

Keep integrity with you. With integrity, is very easy to collaborate with others. It means that you are true to yourself and honest with others. You know to say yes and no at the right time. You know what is right to do. Your judgments are true, and you are an ethical student. People will like you. They will trust you. They will count on you, and you will always be reliable. Once you have a good image outside, it is very easy to get what you want from people.  You can earn awards, promotions and opportunities. With integrity, you can never do something that will corrupt your reputation. However, not everyone likes people with integrity, but integrity pays more than the opposite. To be clear, in every society, people are not normally appreciated because of what they have or how they appear. They are adored and liked because of what they do and how they do it.

Never take for granted the opportunities that knock on you door. If you are willing to achieve something through education, do not ignore people who have what you want. Consider exchanging and learning from your peers.  We can never succeed while we are alone. We need people. We also need to seek support from others. From others, we learn. Be ready to connect with new people. Also, it is very important to understand that learning is not only possible when we have all we need. We need to be resourceful too. We are in charge of making the first steps for our own sake. For example, as refugee students we can also make some suggestions on what we think can help us to have access to education. We need to do research that can answer to our questions. In case any opportunity shows up, we need to catch this.

From what I know, refugees are good learners. Yes, they are. They only need some help and some logistics, but they can really do great things.

The world should know that refugees too can still contribute to the change of our society, and the world in general. By educating a refugee, you help them help themselves, and you also help them to make the world better.

In all, only people who know what they really want in life are the only one who achieve their goals. Every successful person has had hardships to overcome. We should all know that we get what we sew ahead of time. No determination, no goals, no commitment, we cannot be successful.