After my degree at SNHU

After I complete my Bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University, I plan to apply to schools and begin my Master’s degree. Also, I plan to apply for a job and begin to develop my own business. I am passionate about promoting social protection, especially for children in my country.

A Master’s degree is very necessary because I believe that with education, it will be easier for me to reach my dreams. Education is the key that will help me to get wherever I need to reach, and to be accepted at any door I would knock to. This is how the world is structured. People with higher education are easily welcomed. Also, I desire to have a Master’s degree because I need to acquire further knowledge, qualifications, and skills for my career, and I want to advance in my present career.

After my BA degree, I am planning of implementing my own business. I believe owning and running my own business would be more satisfying and fulfilling.  The business I have always wanted to implement is buying a transportation bus that will help people from my community to leave the camp to town, and visa-versa. It is a business that can benefit me while also benefiting my community. There is no transportation system for people in my community to leave the camp and go to town. They take motorbikes which are very expensive and unsafe.  Those who cannot afford the motorbike price walk to town for two or more hours. With my business, and also while studying, my family will be able to be financially secure. After some time, I will be able to help them live in a comfortable place by moving them from a refugee camp to a better place. After that, I can look for a job that meets my expectations and interests. This will help me grow and keep pushing the limits of my background.

Moreover, I am passionate about promoting social protection, especially for children. Social protection is very important for me because it is the only way that can help to prevent and reduce poverty for children and families. It is the best way of addressing inequalities and respecting the rights of children. Thankfully, there is recent progress in many countries for children’s social protection. However, in my country of origin and in the country where I live as refugee, too many children live in poverty and are deprived of their most elementary rights.

From what I have experienced as child, the consequences of poverty are very significant for children. Children are the ones who experience poverty more than adults; they have specific and different needs. An adult may fall into poverty temporarily, but a child who falls into poverty may be poor for a lifetime. It is almost impossible for a child to get a second chance at an education or a healthy start in life. Even lack of food for a short amount of time  has risk factors to children’s long-term development. If children do not receive healthy nutrition, they lag behind their peers in size and intellectual capacity. They become more vulnerable to diseases, but the worst part is that they hurt physically and emotionally. They also perform poorly in schools, and they are less likely to be successful adults. They live like they were made to suffer for their lifetime. Child poverty affects not only the child, but also affects future generations by promoting inequality in society.  I know that many children die every single day because of poverty. They do not eat well. They do not get the primary care because they are born from poor families. I have personally experienced this in my childhood as a child refugee with my younger siblings.

I do not know if that is the reason why I am passionate about it, but ever since I was a child, my family, friends, and my neighbors compliment me on how much I love children. Children from my village are my friends. I find myself cherishing and holding children when I go to new places or when I travel. I feel very much connected to them, and I feel so bad when a child looks unhealthy and unhappy. I wish to do something about about the well-being of children. No child should sleep hungry or thirsty. No child should be put into heavy labor. No child should be excluded from the rest of the society because they were born to a poor family. Children should have access to health services and education in order to reduce inequality for the future generations. Seeing the children around me makes me feel like I really need to do something for them.

I sometimes think that my expectations are too much, but I believe it is possible as long as I stick to my goals.