Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Studies have impacted my life beyond classroom in many ways. I have changed personally, professionally, and I have also changed socially and psychologically

Studies have impacted my life beyond classroom because my professional life changed. The first thing I learned was time management. I was taught to use and to respect a schedule. Using a schedule helped me to arrange my tasks based on priority. It helped me to ignore activities that consume my time unproductively. This helps me to submit my tasks before deadlines and also helps me to be reliable in the eyes of my supervisors and my co-workers. It increases my credibility and makes it easier for me to work with a team.

Another professional behavior I learned from attending classes was public speaking. Before attending Kepler classes, I used to feel uncomfortable speaking in a group. I used to feel small and unworthy. Now, I understand that my ideas are also important, and they can contribute to our community growth. For example, I suggested the idea of creating an online community of all GEM students all over the world. By creating this online community, I hope that all students, including me, will benefit from this collaboration. We will share experiences, updates, and opportunities. It allows people to connect with each other without the financial burden of traveling. However, in person visits are also very important, and are possible if necessary. I could not be able to express myself if I did not gain self-confidence. I was also able to suggest to our school authorities to start an entrepreneurship club where students’ business plans and creative ideas will compete. After competitions, Kepler and the student’s committee will select the winners, and the winners’ business or creative idea can be funded. This self-confidence helps me to be able to express my feelings and my ideas which can contribute to my community’s growth.

Also, studies have impacted my personal life.  For example, I now know to say “no.” Saying “no” was very difficult for me. My relationship with myself used to suffer because I was not treating myself respectfully and replacing healthy habits with destructive ones. Now, I know that by never saying “no,” we stop being able to say “yes” when it is most important.  I am able to advocate for myself and for others. I learned how to advocate for myself and for others when I worked on a project called “Speaking of Human Rights.” Before working on this project, I used to think that I am not the right person to advocate for others because I used to think that this is done by people with good backgrounds who can be heard. I now understand that it is my right to live equally like others. I am a human too. I can express my feelings and take care of the weak and the needy. For example, I have a neighbor who had a young son named Brian. He was sick for long time, but his mother could not bring his son to the hospital. I decided to step up and take her son to the hospital. I told myself that I need to make a difference and be an agent of change and well-being in my community since I was the one who has access to higher education. Having access to education allows me to reach my full potential. I earned a position that helps me to be heard and accepted since people have confidence in me as someone who attends university. I can express myself more easily because of the education I am receiving. One example, there was a day when I was working around the market, and I found women who were selling bread that uncovered and unpacked. I was shocked. I needed to speak up because the uncovered bread could be contaminated and unsafe to eat. However, I was not in charge of the market, but I really wanted that to stop. I took an initiative of going to look for the person who was in charge of the market. I asked him why he accepts uncovered bread to be sold in the market. We then both confiscated that bread and told the women to never bring unpacked, and uncovered breads at the market. We also told them why that’s so bad to do. If I was not known as a university student, no one would have listened to me.

In addition, I have earned management skills from my studies. I can better manage my income and live better with my family by avoiding and reducing debts. I can spend my money wisely by using a budget.

Studies also have impacted my social life. I used to be lost into many negative thoughts before.  Today, I have a happy attitude because I have something to be excited for. I have set goals that make me work hard to achieve them. When I think about those goals and what will happen when I achieve them, I feel happy and excited. Focusing on my goals helps me to push aside those negative thoughts that once consumed me.  When I think about my graduation day, it makes me wanted to study harder. I dream of earning a good job that will help me move my family from the refugee camp. Having a purpose in life has impacted my mood and my thoughts greatly. I give hope to myself and to my family. I give hope to my friends and peers by empowering them to feel as proud and as happy as I do.

Education gives me a knowledge of the world around me, and changes it into something better. I have developed a new perspective on life. It helps me build my own opinions and makes me feel capable of anything. It is not just about lessons in textbooks, it is about the lessons in life. One thing I wish I can do is provide education for all. I wish for no child to be left behind, regardless of their background. The world could be a better place.