Meet Gentille

My name is Gentille Dusenge, and I am 25 years old. I currently live in Rwanda, where my family and I have been for 22 years in a refugee camp called Kiziba. My country of origin is Democratic Republic of Congo. I have 6 younger siblings, and I have a son.

I recently earned my associate degree in General Studies with specialization in business, and I am now looking forward to starting work on my bachelor’s in Health Care Management with a concentration in Global Perspectives. Kepler helped me access an online higher education program with Southern New Hampshire University in the United States.

My family is my biggest motivation. My son, my parents, and my younger siblings are the reason why I never give up, regardless of the hardship we have. My father and my siblings tell me that I have a big assignment to change the world. They also tell me that I have a big heart, that I am  brave, and that I am a strong woman. I believe I will be able to study enough, get a good job, and transform my life to be able to move my family from the camp and bring them to a comfortable place.

My main goal for pursuing a degree in higher education is to push my limits and improve my situation. I would like to pursue a master’s degree once I complete my BA.

I strive to earn a position that will help me serve needy people, as I was served at a young age throughout my childhood and adulthood. With higher education, I believe that I will be one among those people who bring change and hope to the world.

Something that I always think about, is a desire to travel so that I can know what life out of refugee camp looks like, for I left my country when I was two, and now I am a grown-up woman.

In my free time, I like listening to music, chatting with friends, reading, and writing. I also like to organize my room. Something I do not like is people who ignore other people because of  their differences like skin color, origin, wealth, and other factors that can make us arrogant.

I am a great believer in my life. I have never stopped believing in a brighter future. I want to prove to the world that it does not matter how many challenges there are, but rather how much grit you have and how much love you have for your people.