Meet Mohamad

Hello, my name is Mohamad.

I’m 26 years old, and I am from Syria. Now, I live in Tripoli, Lebanon, but my family is still in Syria. I am studying with SNHU to earn my BA in Communications, and I’m working as a cashier in a dollar shop at the same time. I have never studied at university before; I did not have the chance because it cost too much, and I have always had to work to earn enough money to live.

In my spare time, I like watching movies and football matches, playing video games, and reading books. If I have time, I go with my friends to play football. I am interested in technology and keeping up with the latest trends in technology.

There are many reasons I’m motivated to get a university degree. Online learning is all new to me, and I find it is entertaining and useful in my everyday life. But I think the most interesting thing to me is working on projects in English, which has helped me improve my language skills.

Earning a degree with SNHU GEM means a lot to me. It means the university trusted me with this opportunity to prove myself, and to help new students who will start the GEM program.

After I graduate, I hope to travel abroad and to continue my education – maybe in a Master’s program. Then, I’ll try to find a job that will help me improve my situation.

I want the world to know that the refugee learners can do things others can’t, and they can reach their goals, even though they are facing difficulties while away from their homes and their families.