Meet Aya

Hello, my name is Aya.

I am 19 years old. I am from Syria, Homs. I now live in Tripoli, Lebanon, because of the war that occurred in my country. I live with my parents and three siblings in a rented house. We live a simple life. However, we are working on making it better. I am interested in photography and learning the English language. I hope that I can graduate and help those who come after me, to teach the key things they need to know to achieve a scholarship.

I really want to get a university degree in order to improve my family’s standard of living, to be effective in society, to use it as an instrument to gain employment, and to try to return to my country, Syria, and improve the learning processes there.

Also, I am really excited to start my university experience because I want to learn new things, make new friendships, and work on making my dream come true – to graduate.

And when I graduate, the first thing that I might think of is traveling to another country that might accept my testimonial. I’ll work there and try to make a change in the world.

I would be grateful for the opportunity to achieve a degree at SNHU GEM. And I am also grateful that I met such a loving, new family that worked to help every single refugee who was not able to continue their learning – including me.

I want the world to know that even if refugees have lost their homes, their families, and their schools, they still have that motivation to continue learning.

And I also want the world to work for them to help them achieve their goals, their dreams, and their hopes, because refugees are just like every single human being on Earth.