Meet Eugenie

Eugenie - GEM Alum Eugenie Manirafasha, 24, is pursuing her bachelor's degree in communications at SNHU's Kiziba Refugee Camp campus in Rwanda

As a female in the founding member of SNHU and Kepler’s first class in Kiziba refugee camp, Eugenie is a trailblazer and role model to other women in the camp.

Eugenie is originally from the Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. She grew up with challenges around how her peers perceived her as a female student, but her parents have always been strong believers in her potential and have personally sacrificed their last bit of money or food to ensure she was able to learn.

Eugenie seized the opportunity to show her talents at when SNHU opened the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree. She is the only woman in SNHU’s first cohort who is not married and does not have children. Even though her culture emphasizes these choices as the ultimate role of fulfillment for women, Eugenie has – for the time being – chosen a different path.

Eugenie just finished her internship at RONKOS after completing her associate degree. Through this internship, Eugenie has begun to find her own pathway to fulfillment through fashion. Completing the internship helped her discover that she’s always enjoyed fashion as an expression of herself. She’s hoping to help others with a love of fashion also explore self-expression in the context of a refugee camp.

Eugenie is currently engaging in her bachelor’s degree at SNHU’s Kiziba Refugee Camp campus.