GEM Partners

Meet our Partners

Our global education movement model integrates on-the-ground partners into our degree programs as preparatory and funneling programs, as well as course facilitation and logistical support at project sites. At each project site, we work with partners to develop employment pathways for students through work experience and internships. Our partnerships also provide opportunities to capitalize on existing networks as we expand to new sites.

American University of Beirut

GEM-Partners_American-University-BeruitA university preparation program for Syrian refugees will commence in two sites,  Beirut and the Beqaa Valley of Lebanon, in fall 2018. The partnership with American University of Beirut is an opportunity to work with a local university with the resources and expertise to guide program development. We will also work with the International Education Association and a local Syrian-run CBO to assist with management of the program.

Jesuit Worldwide Learning

GEM-Partners_Jesuit-Worldwide-LearningWe will also open additional programs in Kakuma and Dzaleka camps, located in Kenya and Malawi, in partnership with Jesuit Worldwide Learning (JWL), which provides equitable high quality tertiary learning to people and communities at the margins of societies, be it through poverty, location, lack of opportunity, conflict or forced displacement. Because JWL is currently offering certificate programs to students within the camp, there is a strong and growing interest in obtaining fully accredited degrees and pathways to employment.


GEM-Partners_KeplerSNHU’s work with learners in Rwanda began through a partnership with Kepler University, a nonprofit blended learning university program which offers online learning opportunities paired with in-person instruction and workplace experience. Kepler Kigali opened in 2013 to serve the thousands of talented Rwandan students who could not afford to attend traditional university, followed by our program launch in the Kiziba camp. Using SNHU’s competency-based degree programs, Kepler combines SNHU’s online learning model and content with in-person seminars and internship-to-employment pathways.

Lebanese Association for Scientific Research (LASeR)

GEM-Partners_LASeRThe Lebanese Association for Scientific Research is a nonprofit that work to provide a better higher education journey. LASeR work with all the higher education and scientific research stakeholders. LASeR provide scholarships for both vulnerable and merit students. We work with institutions to improve the student experience. We intervene also filling the gap between the job market and the academic degrees.

Multi Aid Programs (MAPS)

GEM-Partners_MAPSMAPS is a leading international organization that aims to develop the capacity of individuals to create good, dignified societies through promoting the best of human knowledge, understanding, and values. MAPS is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, registered in both Lebanon and Germany. They aim to build the capacity of the Syrian Refugee Community in Lebanon to enable them both to thrive in their current context and also to rebuild Syria after the conflict.

Scalabrini Centre of Cape Town

GEM-Partners_Scalabrini-Centre-Cape-TownTo begin operations in a non-camp urban setting, we opened a 150-student pilot in Cape Town, South Africa in partnership with the Scalabrini Centre, which delivers development and welfare programs to the migrant and local communities of Cape Town. The Centre offers specialised services to migrants, refugees and South Africans through seven main programmes. We serve refugees as well as previously disadvantaged South Africans in an effort to strengthen community and peacebuilding while ensuring students have pathways to degrees and employment.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

GEM-Partners_UNHCRThe UNHCR provides access to camps, contact with study candidates, and logistical support. Working with refugees is innately fluid because of the landscape’s rapidly changing politics so UNHCR support is critical in helping on-the-ground partners with accurate and timely data. We are also a founding member of a UNHCR-led consortium focusing on tertiary education ( for refugees and supporting university programs on the ground.