Impact Evaluations

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Read IDInsight's evaluations of our programs in Rwanda and South Africa

SNHU GEM is committed to developing a robust evidence base for its model. Improving our understanding of our successes and failures enables us to utilize learning from our pilot programs to inform and iteratively adapt our model for providing high- quality university education for refugee learners around the world.

In order to accurately measure and define the impact of our programmes, SNHU GEM is partnering with independent researchers to carry out to impact evaluations, in collaboration with our partners in Rwanda and South Africa. Independent research firm IDinsight assessed GEM’s impact in Rwanda at GEM’s two initial pilot sites (Kigali and Kibiza Refugee Camp). The longitudinal evaluation found GEM graduates had significantly higher learning outcomes, employment rates, and earnings compared to local university graduates when controlling for other factors. In addition, 88 percent of students graduating from GEM’s Kigali campus and 86 percent from the Kiziba refugee camp were employed within six months of graduation (compared to 67 percent of comparison graduates).

Moreover, 66 percent of GEM students reported being employed immediately after graduating (compared to 31 percent of comparison graduates). On average, GEM graduates ​earn more than double the monthly income of comparison graduates​.

Studies have found that GEM graduates are more likely to be employed and earn more than double compared to graduates in a match control group

For results and additional information on each program, see the specific program pages on IDInsights’ website:

  • SNHU-Kepler – Kigali: SNHU-Kepler students performed significantly better than matched comparison students on academic assessments testing cognitive skills, English comprehension, and computer literacy. After graduating, SNHU-Kepler students were more likely to be employed and earned more than double the monthly income of comparison students.

  • SNHU-Kepler – Kiziba Refugee Camp: IDinsight’s qualitative study generated various insights on how student preferences on curricular and educational activities, as well as ways to further boost female students’ participation.

  • SNHU-Scalabrini – Cape Town: In South Africa, our evaluation is measuring the impact of GEM on learning for students from the 2018 entry cohorts at the Scalabrini Centre. This evaluation is expected to conclude in 2021.